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About TJX Europe

Our Culture

There are things that are important to us. They define who we are and inform the decisions that we make.

Results are critical; we set clear goals and expect to reach them. We are lean and flexible, with a keen eye for detail and our ever-evolving marketplace.

We are ambitious, calculated risk takers who balance exciting opportunity with solid business acumen. We are not afraid to make bold decisions and learn from our mistakes.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

We always try to do the right thing. We are down-to-earth, honest and fair in everything we do.

We care about the impact of our business on the environment and want our communities and the people around us to thrive. We value what they contribute and prove this every day in the decisions and commitments that we make.

We stand up for things we believe in.

We encourage difference in people, the products that we buy and sell and the way we do business. We thrive on different; it keeps our business fresh.

We are paradoxical thinkers who look at both sides of the coin. The big picture, the small details, the opportunities and the hurdles.

We are fueled by both gut instincts and the facts.

Relationships are the glue and the grease of our business. The connections we build with our colleagues, partners and suppliers, underpin everything we do.

We generate confidence and trust by being supportive and sharing stories of lessons learned. We consider the needs of others and form strong two-way partnerships.

Decisions are not made alone. We ensure buy-in and take collective responsibility.

We are in this together.

Always learning
We are curious and constantly looking to evolve. We leverage knowledge, experience, good practice, resources and ideas. We draw on the knowledge of experts and always stay ahead of the game.

Asking questions, challenging and debating every step of the way. We reflect, stay informed and move forward. We use storytelling to engage our audiences.

Personal and collective development is integral, we invest in people.