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Anna Finance Apprentice

  • Name: Anna
  • Job Title: Finance Apprentice
  • University attended: Barcelona University
  • Course studied at University: Education

What is it like working for TJX Europe?

Working for TJX Europe has been a great opportunity to step into finance within a helpful and dynamic team. All management are very supportive with our learning progression and, even though we are still in the learning process, our opinions are taken into account and valued. As part of this big team, you feel that you have a voice to communicate new ideas without any fear of making mistakes, which are seen to be part of the success.

Tell me about your career progression/on-going development with TJX Europe?

During the program different training has been provided to understand the culture of the company and to help us boost our performance. After rotating around different teams and areas within Operational Finance, we will have the chance to stay in one of these teams contributing and progressing within it or to keep our progression on-going inside the company with other programs being offered.

How much responsibility are you given?

It feels great to be doing a real job with responsibility from the first moment. It is really good to be able to apply the new knowledge im gaining from my study straight away and I can actually see my progress. Moreover, the fact that people around you are always willing to help gives you confidence when you may doubt yourself.

What is a typical working day like?

Every morning each team catches up and shares ideas or issues of their daily objectives, so others can help and can get an idea of what to do in each situation. Then, daily objectives are set for each team member and you work towards that. However, flexibility is needed as unexpected happenings make your day change. This keeps things interesting and means I continue to learn every day.