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Our Programmes

For your Development

We see you as the future leaders of our business. That’s why, when you join us, you’ll embark on an adventure of personal discovery and development.

Our training is exceptional and on going. It all starts with an in-depth induction. You’ll meet our team, our different business areas, and the other graduates and placements. This means from day one, you’ll get to network with everyone while we get to know the real you.

You’ll also get your buddy, who’s there to guide you along your journey. They were in your shoes only one year ago, so they really know how to help you settle in. Given that you live and breathe our competencies already, that won’t take long.

And that’s not all – check out the development you will receive on your programme:


This is what we call our blended learning experience. Thanks to a mix of workshops, 1-to-1 sessions and exciting projects, you’ll be able to take on responsibility quickly. You’ll be challenging yourself every day and learning as you go. All of which means you can take your career as far as you want to. Are you ready?

What people have said about our training

We’re proud of our training and the success it brings, but you’d expect us to say that wouldn’t you? Which is why we’re excited you don’t just have to take our word for it.

We’re delighted that, we have been voted the No.1 Employer in Retail for Apprenticeships to work for, by our very own Apprentices as part of the 2017-2018 JobCrowdAwards. TJX Europe Apprenticeship Programme also came No.1 for Best Management & Career Progression in 2018.

We are also very proud we held number 1 spot for No.1 Graduate Retailer from 2014 – 2017.