Our Programmes

Open to new challenges?

How do you turn a $33.2 billion business into a $40 billion business? It’s a good question. Because the more we grow, the more our business evolves. And the more new challenges we face.

Our supply chain is a perfect example of this. Our off-price business model demands it stays lean, agile and flexible. And so these are the sorts of qualities we look for in our Logistics Graduates.

What’s logistics all about?

If you thought it’s just about moving items from one place to another, then think again. Of course that’s part of it, but our unique buying model involves so much more. As a graduate you’ll learn all about combining speed and cost to work with our business model. So you’ll work alongside our Distribution Processing Centres to ensure that products get sent to our stores in a way that is smart and saleable, as well as fast.

You’ll also work with buyers and vendors to educate them on supply chain movement. Planning ahead to make sure that business needs and processing capacity match each other perfectly. Quite a feat with 280 million* items of stock moving from different countries, suppliers and Distribution Centres to over 547 stores all over Europe.

Logistics is made up of three key areas, and if you join us as a Graduate you’ll learn how they all work and have the opportunity to rotate across at least two of them.

Central Operations

This is about a lot more than just keeping things running smoothly day-to-day, it also involves innovation, growth and new technology. You’ll learn to develop strategy, plan infrastructure and work with teams across the business to keep great fashion and homewares hitting the shelves.

Inbound Logistics

This involves keeping products flowing to our Distribution Processing Centres. You’ll partner with Buying & Merchandising as well as third-party suppliers to get goods through customs and comply with international trading laws. On top of that you’ll be looking to develop strategies for improving speed, decreasing cost and making life simpler for partners.


The outbound team is the last leg of the supply chain. Last but by no means least. You’ll be part of a team overseeing the European logistic network to ensure products get from Processing Centres to stores. With several deliveries a week – each containing thousands of items – it’s a complicated challenge and one the team thrives on.

*January, 2017