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As we grow, our business evolves. Each day brings new challenges, and our supply chain is a prime example of this. A lean, agile, flexible supply chain is a fundamental part of our off-price business model – and you could be part of it on our Logistics Graduate Programme.

Usually Logistics is the process of moving items from one place to another; for example, getting goods from a supplier to a Processing Centre. Our model is all of this and more. We focus on matching our unique buying model, at the right speed and the best cost. Part of that means working alongside our Distribution Processing Centres to get the great products they receive sent to our stores in a way that is smart and saleable, as well as fast.

We also work closely with buyers and vendors to educate them on supply chain movement. Planning ahead to make sure our processing capacity matches business need, we get stock moving from different countries, suppliers and Distribution Centres to over 495 stores – and that’s just in Europe.

Logistics is made up of three key areas, and if you join us as a Graduate you’ll have the opportunity to rotate across at least two of them while learning how they all work.

Central Operations
The strategic hub of Logistics, Central Operations is where we develop strategy, plan infrastructure and work with teams across the business to keep great fashion and homewares hitting the shelves. It’s about more than running smoothly day-to-day though. Life here is about innovation, growth and new technology.

Inbound Logistics
Partnering with Buying, Merchandising and third party suppliers, the inbound team keep our fabulous products flowing fast and fuss-free to our processing centres. As well as getting goods through customs and complying with international trading laws, they develop strategies to improve speed, decrease cost and make life simpler for partners. The just-in-time model is key to the success of our off-price model, and the inbound team makes sure the flow of merchandise keeps us delivering to it.

The outbound team are the final leg of the supply chain, overseeing the European Logistic network to ensure amazing products get from Processing Centres to stores in time to excite our customers, whatever the season. Managing deliveries as frequently as four times a day to over 495 stores across Europe is a complicated challenge and one the team thrives on. They partner directly with Processing Centres and stores to set schedules and hit targets that keep our customers satisfied.