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Our Programmes

Open to absolutely everything?

At TJX Europe, we move over 385 million units of merchandise every single year – and we want to do it in the most efficient way we can. Loss Prevention Crime and Analytics Management  impacts every part of our business and goes way beyond theft from stores. It’s less about security and more about managing change to make us as efficient as possible. That’s where you come in.

As a member of our Loss Prevention Graduate Scheme, you’ll soon discover two things. The first is that just like the rest of our business, Loss Prevention at TJX Europe is unconventional. The second is that you’ll have the chance to make an impact from the start.

We take a leading focus on Loss Prevention and how we operate. We have some of industry’s leading experts so you can be sure that the training you’ll receive is first class  to ensure you develop the right skills to lead teams and become an expert yourself.

So what does Loss Prevention involve?

Loss Prevention Crime and Analytics Management covers all kinds of areas within the business. It is about improving the way we do things to maximise profit as well as providing protection for our stores, Distribution Centres and people we serve. To do this, we need to work closely with all our teams and business partners to anticipate, identify and solve any issues that arise. We work to have balanced strategies to deter, detect and ultimately prevent crime.

You could be managing groups of stores or Distribtuion Centres to make sure they’re hitting targets, working with local managers and other parts of the business to help them control loss and deter crime. You’ll be part of a team whose job it is to go into a store or a Distribution Centre , analyse the situation and be able to look at the details as well as the bigger picture. And it’s up to us to guide the store or Distribution Centre on how they can reduce loss and deter theft.

You’ll be coming up with solutions that make a difference. Loss can happen at any point across our supply chain, so we need to look at the big picture. And when we say big, we mean it. This could be solving strategic problems and managing scale across our supply chain to ensure business efficiency. Or, it could be working with business partners and suppliers, leading teams to find the root cause of an issue before putting an effective solution in place.

One area that’s growing fast at TJX Europe is e-commerce. Our team designs new systems to improve process flow and works with central intelligence to manage online fraud, reduce crime and safeguard our e-commerce business. To do this, you’ll be trained to use the latest technology. That way you’ll accelerate your learning – and you’ll be able to develop your management skills too.

*Fiscal year ending January 30, 2018