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Our Programmes

Open to a new way of thinking?

What does it take to keep our shelves full of exciting items our customers just can’t resist?

Our Merchandising and Buying teams work together to deliver multichannel (ecommerce and store) strategies that excite our customers every day. Merchandising drives business through our unique entrepreneurial approach to planning and trading. Our Buying teams are always in the market looking for the next hottest deal and making the most of opportunities. The working partnership between the two is crucial and leads to a dynamic and flexible outcome, delivering exceptional value to our customers wherever they shop.

On our Graduate Programme, you will start out in Merchandising as an Allocation Analyst with plenty of exposure to Buying. As you hone your skills and progress your career, you’ll work with your line manager to find the right path for you which could be in Merchandising, Buying or other areas of the business.  Even if Buying is your ultimate goal, we believe that starting out in Merchandising makes you a better Buyer in the future.  A majority of people move to Buying from Merchandiser level, however, we are flexible and in some cases this could happen earlier in your career, you move at your own pace.  Whichever path is right for you, you’ll be en route to an exciting career. As we are a truly European business, we are also looking for students with language skills who could potentially work outside of the UK in one of our European Buying Offices.

How is Merchandising and Buying different at TJX?

Our off-price business model means that things move faster than at other retailers. So you need to be agile and ready for whatever challenges come your way and be able to balance your creative thinking with a sharp commercial focus. We deal with vendors around the world and trade in multiple countries across Europe, so you can expect a European outlook. You don’t need experience with products in fashion or retail. What you do need, however, is curiosity and real passion for what we do if you’re going to deliver the gems that our customers love.

Working in Merchandising, you’ll have a real variety of work from creative planning and financials to analysis and trading.  Our teams anticipate consumer buying patterns and product trends, make commercial decisions and plan and ship the merchandise to our different counties, channels and stores across Europe. Partnering with Buyers means reviewing products, visiting European stores, and ultimately ensuring that the right goods are in the right stores (and in the right quantities) at exactly the right time. Our business has stores across six countries in Europe with different customer bases, and that breadth makes Merchandising at TJX Europe really exciting.

Our Buying teams are ultimately responsible for the products we sell. But while most retail Buyers only go out a few times a year, ours are always out searching for amazing brands. As a Buyer at TJX Europe, you’re empowered to negotiate and make decisions on the spot. This means you can stay very close to the business and be more flexible – as well as negotiate some fantastic deals. The relationships that our Buyers build with vendors are crucial to the business’ success.

Whichever side of the business your career takes you, you’ll be an entrepreneur, have responsibility and make a big impact. We don’t just offer a Graduate programme – we offer a really exciting career path for a long-term future.


Find out more about the roles you could take on, and your development path, by clicking on the roles below.

SeniorManagement Buyer AssociateBuyer Merchandiser AssistantMerchandiser SeniorAllocationAnalyst AllocationAnalyst
SeniorManagement Buyer AssociateBuyer Merchandiser AssistantMerchandiser SeniorAllocationAnalyst AllocationAnalyst

Allocation Analyst – As an Allocation Analyst you will be responsible for creating the best mix of products, and shipping them to our stores, working closely with the Buyers on what they bought. You will be analysing trends and building your commercial skills by spending time in our stores, the competition and with our vendors. You will identify opportunities, take risks and trade your business to reach our business goals.

Senior Allocation Analyst – As your development continues, you’ll be responsible for a greater volume of your department’s business. You’ll also coach new Allocation Analysts and continue with your Graduate Programme training to help you develop.

Assistant Merchandiser – As an Assistant Merchandiser you will trade your business by spotting opportunities and flexing our strategic plans, partnering with your line manager and more widely your Buying team. You will spend time in the market and study our competition to increase your commercial understand and ability to assess extreme value and trends within your stores. You will be accountable for supporting the Allocation Analysts day to day in ensuring they are executing shipping strategies. Alongside your Merchandiser and Buying team you are responsible for strategically planning the future of your business areas.

Merchandiser – As a Merchandiser you will partner with your Buying Manager, strategizing and setting plans for your business. You will create visions, bring them to life with seasonal strategies and execute them alongside your team. You will spend time in the market with your Merchandising and Buying teams to critique the mix and find new ways to drive sales. You’ll take on a greater leadership role; managing a team and being accountable for their development. You are also accountable for ensuring that you achieve your department’s sales and inventory forecasts.

Associate Buyer – This will be your introduction to Buying and will give you the chance to gain invaluable experience, analysing and identifying business trends while reporting directly to an experienced Buyer. You’ll be responsible for a variety of tasks, such as vendor communications and store visits to critique merchandise mix, and you’ll make sure purchase orders are all dealt with efficiently. After around six months you’ll start using your negotiation skills to make buying decisions. At that point you’ll really start to build your relationships with our vendors, and travel will become more frequent too.

Buyer – Our Buyers are entrepreneurial and empowered to make decisions on the products that we sell. You’ll be a global shopper, as our Buyers travel to over 60 countries and build relationships with over 16,000 vendors. You’ll be responsible for millions of euros of revenue and will perform ongoing analysis to help develop strategies and drive sales. When you’re not out buying, you’ll be shopping our stores and the competition to critique merchandise and identify key opportunities. You’ll be responsible for trading and business planning, strategy of product areas, and end-to-end ownership and distribution of merchandise. You’ll partner with VP Buying Directors and Senior Management, and set both short and long-term trading and business objectives.

Senior Management

Assistant Vice President, Merchandise Director – you’ll manage a large team of Merchandisers and Analysts. You’ll be responsible for trading and business planning, strategy of product areas, and end-to-end ownership and distribution of merchandise. You’ll partner with VP Buying Directors and Senior Management, and set both short and long-term trading and business objectives. AVP Merchandise Directors also play an integral role in creating succession plans for our talent within Merchandising and Buying by identifying and developing emerging leaders, and supporting them to achieve their goals.

Divisional Vice President, Buying Manager (UK Office) – You’ll manage and lead a team of up to eight Buyers. You’ll also be responsible for millions in revenue, and will provide training and career development to your Buyers. Collaborating with Merchandising, you’ll develop strategic business and financial visions, as well as creating and maintaining a market presence by supporting Buyer/vendor relationships to maximise negotiations. You’ll balance inventory levels through timely markdowns and frequently shop stores and the competition to critique the mix and assess value. It will also be up to you to execute sales and profit objectives within your division and meet the company’s goals.

Divisional Vice President, Market Manager (European Buying Offices) – You’ll manage and lead a team of Buyers across different departments or divisions. You will be partnering very closely with the DVP Buying Mangers and the VP Buying Directors to deliver the agreed strategy for your market. You will be responsible for developing your team and be an ambassador of our culture. You will also be the key player in delivering market goals through having great market awareness. This will involve extensive travel both in your market and the countries we trade in. Through your wide network of relationships in the company, including Buying, Logistics, Merchandising and HR, you will be able to support and drive the strategic growth of your market.

Senior Vice President, Buying Director (UK Office) – Overall accountability for a Buying category of a multi-million euro business. You’ll partner with Senior Management, including the AVP Merchandise Director, and set short and long-term business objectives. You’ll work closely with your Merchandise Director and Buying Managers to ensure the execution of the overall product areas vision for example Womenswear. This will involve travel to both foreign and domestic markets to develop Buyers and enhance vendor relationships. Importantly, you’ll play a critical role in identifying and building strategies for both current and future growth opportunities for TJX Europe.

Vice President, Market Director (European Buying Offices) – Overall market accountability across all business areas and managing a team of DVP Market Managers. You will be responsible for the market performance, including financial goals which will be driven through the buying activities in your market. You will collaborate with the SVP Buying Directors to support bringing the overall divisional strategies to life. You’ll set the short, mid and long term business vision and goals to ensure the execution of the overall country strategy, as part of our European multichannel business. You will support the team in key vendor appointments and have great relationships with the key partners in your market. You will be responsible for establishing and delivering a sustainable and robust organizational structure to maximise the potential within the market and to support the future growth of TJX Europe.