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About TJX Europe

TJX – who are we?

We started in 1977 in the US with just two stores and ever since we’ve continued to grow. People are our priority, and we’re always looking to evolve, engage and invest with our people.

We’re part of TJX Companies, Inc. which has 4,000 stores world-wide, and more than 595 in Europe alone.

We now have four decades of experience, over $35 billion in revenue, and approximately 249,000 employees. Our business model revolves around off-price retail and as such we have a growing high-street presence.

All this means we have plenty of opportunities for your child.

What is off-price retail?

It’s our unique business model which allows us to offer amazing, quality labels for less.

Our priority is to bring delight to our customers with big brands at a great price. Unlike traditional retailers, we generally don’t do promotions, sales or other gimmicks, just big labels, and designer gems at up to 60% less than the RRP. We can do this because we concentrate on negotiating great deals on brand-name merchandise and then passing on the savings on to our customers.

We’re also not an outlet store. An outlet store typically sells merchandise from a single manufacturer. We are different as we offer brands from thousands of vendors around the world.

TJX Europe buyers make smart, adaptable decisions every day, and every day is different. They’re always talking to suppliers and looking for the next great deal – on anything from kayaks to designer bags.

It’s what makes us different from our competitors – we bring surprise and excitement to every person that walks into one of our stores, and that spirit of drive and innovation influences every one of our career paths.