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Career Programmes

What career programmes do you offer?

At TJX Europe, we offer Graduate, Placement and Apprenticeship programmes for people with different levels of qualification, meaning your child will be on the right path to gain valuable experience during their time with us.

Graduates can apply to the Merchandising & Buying, Loss Prevention, Finance, Logistics and IT programmes.

Students can apply to the Merchandising & Buying, Finance, Brand & Marketing and Product Development programmes.

Apprentices can apply to the Finance programme and more programmes are being added soon.


What are the entry requirements?

A degree from any field – as long as the member of your family is passionate, we’ll happily consider them for any of our programmes.

This will be part of your child’s industrial placement which forms part of their degree. (6-12 months)

A minimum of one B and two Cs at A level plus five GSCEs of at least C.


What happens on the different programmes?

To give you more of an idea of what happens day-to-day, we’ve summarised the programmes below:

Merchandising & Buying

On both the Graduate and Placement programmes, our associates will work directly with the Merchandising and Buying team to understand the overall product strategies that make TJX Europe such a success.

As a Graduate your journey will begin in the Merchandising team, where you’ll learn about our business fully and begin to drive results in an entrepreneurial way from day one. You will learn how fundamental the partnership between Merchandising and Buying is in delivering value to our customers online and in store.

On the 12-month Placement programme our associates will begin in Merchandising as an Allocation Analyst. Later on they’ll get the chance to shadow one of our experienced buyers, gaining more responsibility as they develop. The success rate of returning Merchandising & Buying Placements to our Graduate Programme this year is 75%.

Both of these exciting programmes will give applicants an in-depth insight into both the Merchandising & Buying areas of our business.

Our intake for these programmes is February 2019, and July or September 2019.

Loss Prevention

In this Graduate programme, our associates will be working in a team that doesn’t just deal with business losses, but moves over 280 million units each year and managing change in the most effective way possible. Don’t worry, we give all our associates amazing training and development to help them thrive and be confident in an area that is quite unknown to many.

Working in Loss Prevention requires visiting our Distribution Centres and working in store as well as investigating fraud cases.

Our intake for this programme is July 2019.


On the Graduate, Placement and Apprenticeship programmes, our associates will gain experience across our core pillars of Finance. These include Business Planning and Analysis, Financial Control, Commercial Finance and Financial Accounting.

Associates on our Graduate programme will also work towards their CIMA qualification. We’ll fund their tuition and ensure they’re given plenty of study time so they can achieve their full potential.

Associates on our Apprenticeship programme will work towards an AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) Level 4 qualification throughout their time on the programme. This course will underpin their time with us and give them wider understanding of Finance

Our intake for the Graduate and Placement programmes is July 2019 and Apprenticeships start in September 2019.


On this technical programme, our associates will gain real hands-on experience in global retail technology. Their first 12 months will focus on gaining experience in either a Build or Run team.

In Build they will help design, develop and test new technologies. And in Run they’ll make sure our systems are secure and compliant.

Our intake for this programme is September 2019.


On this Graduate programme, our associates will work with our three key areas of Logistics. Central Operations involves keeping things running smoothly day-to-day, Inbound Logistics is all about keeping products flowing to our Distribution Centres and our Outbound team ensures our products make it from the Distribution Centres to our stores.

Our intake for this programme is September 2019

Brand & Marketing

On this Placement programme, our associates will join our team of over 100 marketers who plan and execute campaigns across six different countries in Europe. They’ll rotate across two of our Brand and Marketing teams to gain a variety of experiences. These teams include Gift Cards, Communications, Corporate Responsibility and Store Experience.

Our intake for this programme is September 2019.

Product Development
On this Placement programme, our associates will gain exposure to all areas of Product Development including Product Design, Garment Technology and Private Labels. They’ll gain a unique insight into how we buy at all levels of the market, for fashion, trend, colour direction and value.

Our intake for this programme is July 2019