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Interview Process

What is the interview process?

The first step is online. They’ll be asked to send over their CV and then answer a few questions about themselves – including why they’d like to join the TJX Europe family.

The second step also takes place online, and consists of a verbal, numerical and logical reasoning test, followed by a recorded video interview where we get to know them better and we’ll get to know a little more about them too.

Successful applicants will then be invited to our Watford office, where they can see exactly what it’s like to work with us and if it’s right for them. Each of the assessments is specific to the programme they’ve applied for and they’ll also have the chance to take part in unassessed job shadowing on the day. This is their opportunity to ask questions and learn about the role they’ve applied for.

Interviews take place throughout the year, with successful applicants being able to start during the next intake.

If you have any more unanswered queries, check out our Q&A section.