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About TJX Europe

What is off-price retailing?

The leading off-price apparel and home fashions retailer

Off-price is our business model. It means we can offer quality labels for less.
We delight, surprise and excite our customers with big name brands at up to 60% off recommended retail prices.

We are not a discount store. We don’t rely on sales or gimmicks. We exist to secure great value on brand-name merchandise, and then passing those savings on to our customers.

We do this through smart, opportunistic buying and commercial decision-making.
Our buyers buy from thousands of different designers and brand owners – never knowing what they’ll find. They follow their instincts and make decisions on the spot. So we never really know what’s going to be delivered to our stores, any more than our customers know what they’ll discover there.

Our financial strength means that we’re able to pay vendors promptly, which puts us in a strong negotiating position. What’s more, our buyers are out in the market all year-round (rather than the usual 4 seasons). Buying from over 21,000 vendors in over 100 countries, there is never any shortage of new opportunities for our buyers to explore.

We may not know precisely what’s coming in; but we know exactly how to sell it. We keep stores simple and frill-free, without compromising the real shopping experience. This leaves more to invest in our people and our products. Flexibility is key because everything has to get out onto the stock floor that very day. Not a moment is wasted.

Offering designer labels, top brands and unique gems for less, is a formula that works. It keeps our customers coming back time and time again. Our ever-changing treasure hunt of thousands of the world’s best and most exciting fashion and homeware brands allows our customers to find their unique style for a fraction of what it would cost them elsewhere.

It all makes for an incredibly fast-paced, agile business. It’s a very different way of working, but it’s as exciting for our people as it is for our customers.