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Graduate & Placement Programme FAQs

General Recruiting Questions

Where can I meet TJX Europe employees? Do you go on campus?

We will be visiting universities across the UK and Europe over the coming academic year. Don’t worry if we are not at your university this year, you will also have the opportunity to meet us at a number of national careers fairs as well. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to find out more about us and meet our employees, and for us to meet you for the first time. Have a look at our Events Page  to find out where we’ll be and when.

Do you offer summer Internships or Work Experience?

Unfortunately, TJX Europe is currently unable to offer work experience or internships. If you’re still studying, and going into your third year of study, you may like to consider our Placement Programmes.

Do you pay travel expenses if I attend an Assessment Centre?

If you are invited to one of our Assessment Centres, TJX Europe will reimburse reasonable travel expenditure incurred. Further information regarding expenses will be given in detail when we call to invite you in.

I want to work abroad. Are there opportunities with TJX Europe?

Because we are an international business, there are endless opportunities as your career progresses in a range of different countries across Europe and potentially even further afield.

Please visit www.tjx.com/careers

Do I need to speak another language?

Please see programme adverts for specific details.

Where will I be working?

For the majority of our programmes you will be based at our European Head Office in Watford, UK, although you may be required to travel to meet the needs of the business – particularly for Merchandising and Buying where you will be required to visit stores on a regular basis.

For some of our programmes you will be based in stores across the UK and Europe. Further information about each programmes location is found in the job descriptions.

What is your visa policy?

Sorry, we can’t sponsor any visa applications. If you are currently an overseas student studying in the UK on a student Tier 4 visa, unfortunately this also means that we will not be able to support your application further.

How can I get in touch with the Early Careers team?

You can contact us via email at early_careers@tjxeurope.com

I’m having technical issues with my video interview, what can I do?

If you experience technical issues with HireVue you can contact them at support@hirevue.com or you call them on 001 800 655 4106.

Alternatively, you can repeat the video interview using the same link but you need to use a different email address.

Who do I contact if I experience technical problems with my application?

If you experience technical problems with the online application system please phone 00800 333 800 33 and select option 5.

If you experience technical problems with the online assessments please contact the following:

Talent Q – please email them at KFAssessmentDeliveryUK@KornFerry.com

Hirevue – please email them at support@hirevue.com or phone them on 001 800 655 4106.

If you experience any other difficulties when applying please contact us at early_careers@tjxeurope.com

I have completed my Talent Q tests and received a reminder email, do I have to repeat the test?

Prior to completing the Talent Q tests you will be given an opportunity to complete a practice test, please ensure that you proceed to complete the actual assessment after completing the practice test. If you believe that you have completed all three elements of the actual assessment and are still receiving reminders please get in touch with the Early Careers Team on early_careers@tjxeurope.com

Are the TJX Europe Apprenticeship Programmes also open to Graduates?

Yes. You can still apply for an apprenticeship programme if you are a graduate. However if you hold a degree in the subject that you are applying to complete an apprenticeship, unfortunately you will not be considered at this time. Part of the eligibility criteria for an apprenticeship is that you need to learn a new skill set, therefore if you already hold a degree in the subject you will not fit this criteria.

Programmes GCSE minimum A Levels minimum Degree
Finance 5 A – C’s including English and Maths 1 B, 2 C grades or Equivalent You must not hold a Finance or related Masters, Undergraduate or Foundation Degree
Buying Administration Non-school leavers to have ideally obtained 5 GCSEs (Grade C or above in English and Maths desirable) School leavers to have obtained either 3 A Levels; Traineeship or Intermediate Apprenticeship (levels 2 and 3) You must not hold a Business Studies or related Masters, Undergraduate or Foundation Degree
IT Technical No minimum requirement No minimum requirement You must hold a STEM related degree

When are your intakes?

We have three intakes throughout the year February, July and September – start dates are usually the 1st Monday of the month.

Graduate Programmes February July September
Merchandising & Buying Yes  Yes  Yes
Finance  Yes
Loss Prevention Yes
Logistics  Yes
Information Technology  Yes
Placement Programmes
Merchandising & Buying  Yes
Finance  Yes
Brand & Marketing  Yes
Product Development  Yes
Apprenticeship Programme
Finance  Yes
Buying Administration Yes

I am an internal associate, how can I apply to an Early Careers Programme?

We take pride in associates wanting to further their careers with TJX and we’re always open to internal candidates applying to any of our Early Careers programmes. You will need to make a formal application through our website just like everyone else however, your line manager will need to endorse your application.

The Talent Q/HireVue Link ended up in my junk mailbox, what should I do?

Our assessment emails are sent via an automated talent management system. Sometimes due to restrictions on your account, these emails may end up in your junk mailbox so we advise that you check your junk mailbox throughout your application in case important information ends up in there. You can request additional time to complete a Talent Q or HireVue by emailing the early careers team at: early_careers@tjxeurope.com

When I try and complete a Talent Q/ HireVue it says that I already have an account, what should I do?

Many other organisations use the assessment systems that we use for our Early Careers Programmes. If you have applied for a role elsewhere, or you are re-applying to our programmes, the system may not let you re-do the assessments using the same email address. If you happen to have an issue, please sign in using the same link we sent to your email, however you will have to use a different email address. Please ensure your name matches the one on your application. You will also need to inform us by emailing: early_careers@tjxeurope.com of the email address used.

I am joining your one of your Early Careers Programmes and I need a financial reference for my tenancy agreement. Who should I contact?

The Early Careers team is unable to provide financial references. For all references, you will need to email the HR Service Centre at: hrsc@tjxeurope.com with your name, job title and start date or alternatively your agency can email them requesting the information directly.

What is the environment/culture like at TJX Europe?

What are the typical working hours at TJX Europe?

Some days are busier than others depending on the time of the week and year, but we promote a healthy work/life balance by remaining flexible throughout the year.