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Our People

Sarah Finance Graduate

  • Name: Sarah
  • Job Title: Finance Graduate
  • University attended: Cologne University of Applied Science, Germany
  • Course studied at University: B.Sc. International Business

What is it like working for TJX Europe?

When I started working at TJX Europe there is one thing that I noticed at the very first minute: Everyone I met is very welcoming, truly interested in me and my career and super friendly. Especially because I had just moved over to the UK and to Watford the friendly atmosphere helped me a lot to settle in and to make friends among the Graduates and colleagues. Still, I think the people I work with and the respectful and friendly atmosphere is what I enjoy most about working at TJX Europe.

Tell me about your career progression/on-going development with TJX Europe.

I started the Graduate Programme in a role in Commercial Finance, more exactly in Retail Finance. This means that I worked closely with the markets in different countries and learned about the regular finance cycles of P&L analysis, forecasting and budgeting. Soon I will move to Financial Control which will give me a completely new perspective on the business, working with Merchandising and Buying. Afterwards I will rotate one more time, so when I complete the Programme I will have a good idea of how the different Finance functions work and influence the business.

How much responsibility are you given?

As a Grad I got given a very good amount of time to understand my role and the tasks performed within my role. Once I felt more comfortable with the regular tasks and processes, I was able to take over more responsibility, including giving presentations and working together with more business partners. I would say it really depends on yourself, how much responsibility you would like to take but if you feel ready to take on more responsibility everyone is very supporting and you will be given great opportunities.

What is a typical working day like?

In Commercial Finance this is a difficult question to answer. Unless it is period end week, I normally come into the office with the expectation that something is going to come up that I did not plan or know in advance. The nature of this business and Commercial Finance is to be open-minded and spontaneous about new developments and ideas. In my function that normally involves some ad-hoc analysis for business partners and managers, reforecasting future expenses, preparing a presentation on a project, etc. During period end week, my work is a bit more structured as we prepare adjustments to the Profit & Loss Statement and analyse variances. I really enjoy the mix of regular tasks and interesting ad-hoc projects every day.