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Our People

Ken Business Analyst II

  • Name: Ken
  • Job Title: Business Analyst II
  • University attended: Imperial College London
  • Course studied at University: Electronic & Information Engineering

What is it like working for TJX Europe?

It’s an absolute whirlwind! Every day is different and exciting, and there has been a lot of work in IT recently to accommodate our growth as a company, and it shows no signs of slowing down!

My favourite part of working here is the lovely people. I’m comfortable with being myself and I’m surrounded by very kind, like-minded people. Everyone is so supportive and friendly! It’s great to be able enjoy a light-hearted atmosphere and still deliver great results – but we’re always up for a bit of fun whenever we can.

Tell me about your career progression/on-going development with TJX Europe.

I joined the Information Technology graduate programme in September 2016, which was an eye-opening experience. It began with Infrastructure and Operations as a Support Analyst, working in Ecommerce and Stores. After a year, it progressed to an implementation-focussed role in the Stores and Supply Chain domains as a business analyst. My final year has been focussed on continuing my business analyst experience and eventually, I’ll be looking to take on a configuration-focussed role within the project I’m working on!

How much responsibility are you given?

I’ve been given a huge amount of responsibility since the very start of my career! Within a week or so after I joined, I was in amongst various projects and completing important tasks with support from my mentor. I would also assist with some tough problem-solving for issues encountered in a live production environment. There has been a lot of trust placed in me that I’m able to deliver, and there has never been an impression that something would be held back from me, based on capability. In fact, it might be closer to the opposite, where I’ve been encouraged to stretch beyond my comfort zone quite often.

What is a typical working day like?

I’ve worked across a few teams and projects now, and I can still say that every day I’ll be surprised with something new. The IT landscape has been changing rapidly over the years, and as a function we’ve been pivoting towards a new way of working. We’ve been working under the Agile framework instead of traditional waterfall methods, and it’s very fast paced!

A typical day might start with some corridor conversations around my project, interleaved with some sessions with our fellow associates in the business to understand their needs. I might then be involved with fundraising in the afternoon, or have a call or workshop with our international colleagues over in the US and Canada!