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Our People

Sarah Corporate and Internal Communications Content Manager

  • Name: Sarah
  • Job Title: Corporate and Internal Communications Content Manager
  • University attended: University of Plymouth
  • Course studied at University: BA English

What is it like working for TJX Europe?

For the first time ever, I can say that I honestly love my job. We have an open, friendly culture here, and not only do the company really care about their associates, the associates really care about the company. It’s a place where being nice and polite is valued, unlike many other companies where you might not succeed if you don’t step on a few toes. I’ve had a few jobs over the years, but I’ve never felt at home as quickly as I did here.

Tell me about your career progression/on-going development with TJX Europe.

I’ve been here nearly two years and am very happy in my role, but keen to learn and develop. My manager has encouraged me to do as many training courses as I like, so I’ve been on several internal courses to develop my skills as a manager. I’ve even done external courses to develop my copywriting skills, as I write content daily as part of my job. It’s such an encouraging environment here, I really feel like it brings out the best in me.

How much responsibility are you given?

As a manager, I have a lot of responsibility and ownership. I manage all of our internal content, which includes our intranet, internal films and our internal tone of voice. This means I communicate daily to the whole business and advise various departments on how to word their communications. I’m encouraged to come up with new ideas, improvements to existing systems and projects and new ways of working, and I’m usually told to run with it – being innovative is encouraged.

What is a typical working day like?

There isn’t one! Every day here is so varied. Most days though, I write news stories for the intranet and I create content for the digital screens around the office. Sometimes I work on internal films for conferences and company events. A big part of my role is talking to people – I’m always meeting with other departments to support them on tone of voice and advising them how to share their news with the business. We have a lot of meetings here as there are such a lot of us, so I try to squeeze my meetings into the first half of the week and use the second half of the week to work on writing content.