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Our People

Alex Assistant Merchandiser

  • Name: Alex
  • Job title: Assistant Merchandiser
  • University: Bournemouth University
  • Course: Retail Management

What is it like working for TJX Europe?

Each day offers different challenges and opportunities which keeps the role motivating and engaging. The ability to be able to present new ideas or strategies for your business area encourages you to be ambitious. Whilst working in menswear I was able to trial a new accessories brand to certain stores, I then presented the successful results to senior leaders giving a real sense of achievement. Overall working for TJX Europe allows you the freedom to be open with your ideas in a fun working environment. Being able to experience new opportunities whilst working for TJX Europe allows you to understand different viewpoints within the company. During my time on placement I got to experience the role of a Buyer which has allowed me to view first hand my future career ambition.

Tell me about your career progression/on-going development with TJX Europe. 

During my one-year placement I got to experience a mixture between the Merchandising and Buying side of the business. I received constructive feedback from both functions which has improved my development and inspired my career progression. The open nature of the company also encourages peer-to-peer learning meaning everyone is open to helping you develop and gives you the opportunity to coach others. Having now returned as a Graduate, the ongoing learning and development still motivates me to achieve my best.

How much responsibility are you given?

After the initial three months training, you are given the responsibility of a departments shipping strategy in the business. This responsibility includes deciding which products will be featured in stores over the following week from what the Buyers have bought in the market. As a new analyst looking after over 300 stores in a multi-million-pound department I found this initially quite daunting, however with the strong team around me the transition from training to reality was made much easier. The responsibility given to you at TJX Europe makes you feel trusted and gives you a strong part to play from the offset.

What is a typical working day like?

A typical working day would consist of understanding your department’s on-order, deciding where and when to ship products to maximise the sales potential. To succeed in this area, I would speak to the Buying team to gather detailed information about the on-order and to fully understand the overall product strategy. Alongside this I would monitor and track how each of my department’s stores are being shipped throughout the week. I would work directly with my Merchandiser on store and financial strategies which may include trailling new product areas, pushing the department into new regions and analysing information about a collection of certain stores. Team store visits are also common, allowing you to visually experience the execution of your departments strategy in the customer’s eyes.