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Our People

Joe Merchandiser

  • Name: Joe
  • Job Title: Merchandiser
  • University attended: University of Lincoln
  • Course studied at University: English Literature

What is it like working for TJX Europe?

The culture at TJX Europe makes for an exciting, friendly and fast-paced working environment. Everyone here is really supportive of each other and you feel you can knock on anyone’s door in the business. Things may move and evolve quickly, but you always feel your career development is a priority and the opportunity is always there to learn and progress.

Tell me about your career progression/on-going development with TJX Europe.

I started on the Merchandising and Buying Graduate scheme in 2015. Since then, I have progressed to Merchandiser and currently work on the Body, Bath and Beauty departments for Germany, Poland and Austria. During my three years in the company I’ve been lucky enough to work on all Accessories departments, as well as Kids and Toys for the UK & Ireland business.

How much responsibility are you given?

From day one I was given substantial responsibility and immediately felt empowered to make decisions that directly impacted my business. After three months of training, I felt equipped and supported to drive the business through both the storebase and the product we ship to stores. This level of responsibility definitely translates to both the Assistant Merchandiser and Merchandiser roles. I now feel I have full ownership of the businesses I work on and really value the importance of Merchandising as a function to TJX.

What is a typical working day like?

Every day genuinely does vary, but I would highlight my relationships with my business partners as the one thing that always remains consistent. I am in regular communication with the Buying Manager and Buyers each week, developing strategies and reacting to opportunities in the market – that partnership is the key component in driving the business. Likewise, I’ll work closely with my team each day to ensure we are spotting every opportunity possible in our storebase to maximise sales.